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We are proud to be working with the world renowned Murdoch Childrens Research Institute.

In 2015, Thermomix ® provided a gift of A$1,000,000 to Murdoch Childrens to support child health research.

The 1,500 researcher strong institute is world renowned for its work in the child and adolescent health fields. Murdoch Childrens researchers are always working closely with national and international teams striving to answer child health problems quickly, to make an even greater impact on the health of children around the world.

Researchers at Murdoch Childrens made a break-through discovery in the treatment of peanut allergies. The world class treatment could potentially provide a long term cure for allergy sufferers. To read more about this discovery, please click here.

Every dollar donated to Murdoch Childrens helps them to leverage a further $6 from external sources. This means the million dollar donation from us to the Murdoch Childrens will enable approximately A$6 million in research funding. This funding will go a long way in supporting important research projects, not limited to adolescent and child obesity, allergies, diabetes, cancer and mental health issues.



Join us in supporting Murdoch Childrens. Every donation has the potential to save lives. Invest in the future health of our children.

*Foreign transaction fees apply.