In the Media

Dani Valent: “I’m definitely not a gadget person. And I really, really love my Thermomix ®.”

Good Food, 29 March 2016


“The end result looked like this: in one Sunday afternoon cooking sesh I managed to get dinner sorted for the night, pop some soup into the freezer for late nights to come, prep a dessert and create a dip to snack on during my impending Game of Thrones marathon. At the risk of sounding like a morning TV infomercial, your life can look this glorious too. All you need is a clever little gadget called the Thermomix.”

Women’s Fitness Magazine June 2014


“Designed in Germany, the Thermomix is an all purpose kitchen appliance that mixes, beats, grinds, steams, cooks, whips and weighs. The beauty of the appliance is the ease with which it processes raw ingredients, so rather than buying rice flour for instance, one could simply use the Thermomix to turn rice into flour – saving money and guaranteeing the quality of your ingredients.”

The Zine, 5 February 2014 


“If you were starting a kitchen from scratch I’d say grab one because it will negate the need for blenders, food mills, grinders, wooden spoons, steamers, just about anything. I reckon you could do quite well with just this device. Does it do something you can’t do already? Well, no, but it does everything so much easier and cleans itself at the end.” Click here to read the article.

Good Food, 4 December 2013


“Some of Australia’s top chefs, including Adriano Zumbo, Tetsuya Wakuda and Adrian Gilmore, have given the thumbs up to the German engineered Thermomix appliance taking off in home and professional kitchens.” Click here to read the article.

The Sunday Telegraph, 9 June 2013


“It’s fun! We could go on and on about this versatile kitchen helper, but those two words sum up one of the big reasons why we love this little guy.”

Good Taste Magazine, October 2012