Save Money

Create everyday savings with Thermomix ®!

Thermomix ® helps you quickly turn raw sugar into icing or castor sugar, grind your own spice mixes, grate cheese and mill your own flours or nutmeal for gluten free baking.

Less pots and pans means less washing up. Thermomix ® allows you to create a complete meal in one bowl.

Plus, Thermomix ® cooks with minimised energy consumption, so you can enjoy savings on your energy bills!

How much can you save?

Item Cost at your local supermarket Made with your Thermomix Savings
Natural yoghurt (1kg) $6.40 $2.86 $3.54
Pizza bases (x3) $7.23 $1.63 $5.60
Lemon Sorbet (1L) $6.75 $3.43 $3.32
Wholemeal bread (1 loaf) $4.68 $1.74 $2.94
LSA mix – organic (500g) $9.24 $4.86 $4.38
Almond meal (500g) $16.62 $8.99 $7.63