Energy Consumption

Thermomix ® uses less energy while cooking than most kitchen appliances.

You only need one power source to cook a complete meal for the entire family.

Below are some of the ways that the clever design of Thermomix ® can help you to save energy:

  • The localised heating element in the base of the mixing bowl ensures that heat is delivered directly into the food, maximising efficiency and minimising thermal loss.
  • A dedicated Thick Film Technology generates an even heat distribution into the base of the bowl, while a low thermal mass enables quick reactions, and allows the temperature to be changed quickly to prevent burning.
  • The direct heating system allows cooking times for most foods to be reduced thus saving both time and energy.
  • The precise temperature controls means that heating is accurately monitored and controlled throughout the entire cooking process.
  • Constant stirring of the contents of the bowl during cooking distributes heat efficiently and evenly, and reduces the likelihood of burning.