Ways of Cooking

Guided Cooking

Let Thermomix ® guide you step-by-step through your recipe. Simply attach your Recipe Chip to access guided cooking.

The time and temperature are pre-set at every step.

Simply add the ingredients and activate the selector dial to start cooking.

Save time and bookmark your favourite recipes for quick and easy access.

The Cook-Key ® will also enable you to experience guided cooking with recipes from the Thermomix ® Recipe Platform.

heating system

Automatic cooking

A selection of automatic recipes are stored on Thermomix ®.

These are one-step recipes where Thermomix ® automatically controls time, temperature and speed.

The whole cooking process is completed at the touch of a button.

Cooking has never been easier.

Manual Cooking

Use Thermomix ® cookbooks, recipes from Recipe Community or re-create your family favourites in your Thermomix ®.

Manual cooking gives you greater control over your food and allows you to adapt or create your own recipes.

With manual cooking, everything can be cooked just the way you like it.

Thermomix Ways of Cooking Manual Cooking